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Autopack Reversible AC & DC Power Units
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  Product Code: Autopack Reversible Power Packs
  Specifications :

Autopacks are available as both unidirectional and reversible. These units can be fitted with a range of 3" AC & DC motors.

Reversible units have an integral Pilot Operated Check (POC) to hold a cylinder in place when the unit is switched off the reversible action 
eliminates the need for a directional valve.

Unidirectional units can be fitted with a lowering valve for single acting "lift, hold,dump" circuits.

Commonly used on bath lifts, coffin lifts and other applications which require a small hydraulic unit.
Much smaller than the mini powerpacks, The Autopack consists of a solid centre body and is available with 12/24V DC and 230VAC 
motors from 150W-800W and can produce pressures up to 180bar with flows of up to 3L/min.

Tanks are made from steel and plastic in several sizes:- 0.2L, 0.5L, 0.75L, 1.0L.

DC Reversible Autopack Information (pdf):
DC Reversible Autopacks 150-200W
DC Reversible Autopacks 500W / 800W
Installation & Commisioning
Reversible DC Autopacks
AC Reversible Autopack Information (pdf):
AC Reversible Autopacks 200W
Installation & Commisioning
Reversible AC Autopacks
The New Unipack Information (pdf):
DC Reversible Autopacks 150-200W
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Technical Data
AC Reversible Autopack - 200W
DC Reversible Autopacks 150W & 200W
DC Reversible Autopacks 500W & 800W
Unipack DC 500W & 800W
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