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SAMT Hydraulics
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PZB Pumps
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  Product Code: PZB Hyd Gear Pumps
  Specifications :
Supplying you with PZB Hydraulics and PZB Hydraulic Power Take Offs (PTOs), Gear Pumps, Axial Piston Pumps, Bent Axis Piston Pumps and other PZB Hydraulic Equipment and Components
PZB have been producing Power Take Off (PTO) units and other hydraulic equipment for commercial vehicles and the industrial vehicle sector for over 50 years with their components now employed in the majority of the leading brands of commercial, transport vehicles worldwide. Now part of the Interpump Hydraulics Group, PZB’s extensive product range includes:
Power Take Offs (PTOs)
Split Shaft PTOs
Gear Pumps: SE, Tandem-SE, Tandem-Uni, Uni, XF, XPA-H and XPZ-V
Axial Piston Pumps: Pl-3F-Uni-3166, PL-4D-SE, PL-4D-SE-3166, PL-4D-SE-3166-double and PL-3F-Uni
Bent Axis Piston Pumps: EOS-SE-12-25, EOS-SE-34-108 and EOS-UNI-12-125
Hand Pumps
Valve – Distributors: DE-10, DE-16, DMR, DP-16, DP-18, DP-22, DP-25, VFC, DC-24, Hyperion 13 and Hyperion 30
Complete hydraulic kits
Accessories for industrial vehicles
Hydraulic control units
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Technical Data
SE Series Catalogue
TANDEM SE Series Catalogue
UNI Series Catalogue
TANDEM UNI Series Catalogue
XF Series Catalogue
XPA H Series Catalogue
XPA V Series Catalogue
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